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Shrewsbury Real Estate Listings in England

This is a flourishing suburban community in west England, just 34 miles west of Birmingham and bordering beautiful Wales.

The same students scored 25th in mathematics. The landscape of Shrewsbury is made up of gently rolling hills and small streams, accessorised with new and old-growth trees as well as other native fauna. The generous farmland and quaint neighbourhoods make for scenic drives throughout. Excellent health care, an extremely low crime rate, affordable housing and access to world-renowned educational facilities and profitable industries of employment make the community the ideal place to live for single professionals, young families and senior citizens alike. Residents enjoy the amenities and conveniences of modern urban life without having to sacrifice personal safety, cultural diversity, cooperative values, or architectural character. It is no wonder why so many people are purchasing homes in the community now, while real estate is still affordable and business is booming. Shrewsbury real estate options consist of single-family detached homes for sale, estate properties and condominiums and townhouses.

Shrewsbury Real Estate Market – Price Range of Shrewsbury Houses for Sale

Since the 80s, Shrewsbury’s population has grown by nearly 40%. With real estate in nearby towns exceeding a median price of $500,000, it is not surprising that homebuyers are moving in droves to this vibrant lakeside suburb. Shrewsbury real estate boasts a range of homes for sale in architectural styles, from bungalows to historic colonials to modern ranch homes for sale. Most real estate for sale in the area are single-family detached homes. Prices begin from £199,000 – £1.5 million, for a spacious 3-4 bedroom, 2-bath with amenities like multiple fireplaces, hardwood floors and a sundeck all on a large lot in a quiet neighbourhood. There is little doubt that whether you are a first-time homebuyer or just looking for a lucrative investment, now is the time to buy Shrewsbury real estate for sale.

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Shrewsbury Community Info

Although Shrewsbury was officially platted in 1889, the city wasn’t incorporated until 1913. In that same year, a concerned resident by the name of Joseph Burge organized the Shrewsbury Improvement Association and the city’s sanitation system was established.

The ensuing years saw much development for the city. In 1938, land was acquired for a new city hall, replacing the original 1912 hall. Shrewsbury’s new firehouse was dedicated in 1947. Also during this period, the Shrewsbury Garden Club was founded for the purpose of maintaining the flowers and trees in the city. In the 1960s and ’70s, city parks, Interstate 44 and a municipal pool were constructed. More development came in the 1980s and ’90s when homes, condominiums, shopping areas, apartments and the new City Center were built.

Shrewsbury residents have endless advantages, including access to high-quality parks and recreation areas, award-winning education and proximity to an exciting big city. The Shrewsbury Parks and Recreation Department maintains four beautiful parks: Wehner Park, Brinkop Park, Hartry Park and Ackfeld Park. Wehner is the largest at 31.8 acres and contains three ball fields, one soccer field, two playgrounds, two tennis courts and two pavilions. Brinkop is just west of the Nottingham and Laurella intersection and boasts a new playground and walking trail. Hartry and Ackfeld parks have multi-purpose courts and playgrounds.

Students in Shrewsbury are served by the excellent Webster Groves School District. The district’s Board of Education was named Missouri’s Outstanding Board of Education for 2003 by the Missouri School Boards’s Association. A school board must contribute in the areas of community engagement, student achievement, local board initiatives, achievement of district goals and district accreditation to be considered for this award. The Webster Groves School District includes ten elementary and high schools. For post-secondary education, the city of Shrewsbury is close to prestigious Washington University, St. Louis Community College, Saint Louis University, University of Missouri – St. Louis and Webster University.

The nearby city of St. Louis, home to the Cardinals, the Blues and the Rams, is also home to thrilling nightlife, delicious cuisine and stimulating culture. Whether you’re looking for hot clubs, sports bars or riverboat gaming, St. Louis is your town. Oh, and don’t forget the music: there are more working blues musicians in St. Louis than in any other place in the world. Food is also no problem in this city: St. Louis is famous for its “thousand one-of-a-kind restaurants.” In terms of culture, the city has a never-ending supply of museums, art galleries, theatres and wineries.

Shrewsbury residents have the satisfaction of living a traditional small-town life while taking advantage of all the opportunities of one of the UK’s big cities.

Whether you are searching for your next home in Shrewsbury or looking to invest in real estate, browse current real estate listings, residential Shrewsbury homes for sale, single-family houses, condominiums, townhouses, or investment opportunities, to find your perfect home. View other relocation resources such as real estate market trends, sold property values in your neighbourhood, mortgage financing options and professional real estate agent assistance.

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Hotels in Shrewsbury – How to Choose

Shrewsbury is a unique medieval town in Shropshire, in the very centre of England. The hotels in Shrewsbury are no less unique, and each has its own quirks. This article will help you choose the right type of hotel for you.

Shrewsbury has a very unusual geographical feature. The ancient town centre is almost entirely surrounded by a river, the river Severn, and this severely restricts the amount of land available, giving the town a compact, quaint feel. This quaintness is reflected in the character of the hotels in Shrewsbury; they are somehow different from the hotels in the nearby towns of Ludlow, Oswestry, Telford or Chester.

As a visitor, the hotel you choose really depends on what you want from your stay. Here are a few hotels grouped according to themes that you may like to consider when booking a hotel:

  • The Ancient — The Prince Rupert Hotel is a fine example of a historic English hotel. Of the hotels in Shrewsbury, the Prince Rupert occupies one of the oldest sets of buildings, some of the parts of which date back to the 12th century. The hotel is so named because it used to be the home of Prince Rupert himself; the grandson of King James I of England, no less. Nowadays, as you explore the dark wood-panelled corridors you can easily imagine the old Prince walking here even now, because the hotel is still packed with medieval character although you will be pleased to hear that the rooms are fitted to contemporary, 21st century standards. This hotel will suit you if you like the traditional English style.
  • The Modern — Morgans is at the opposite end of the scale to The Prince Rupert. It’s one of the newest of Shrewsbury hotels, having been opened in early 2009 after a full refurbishment of its early 20thcentury building in the West End area of Shrewsbury’s town centre. The decor is everything that the Prince Rupert’s is not. Here you will find a large, airy bar/restaurant with acres of glass and light woodwork. The style is contemporary, with up-to-the-minute fixtures and furnishings. The bar, in contrast to that of the Prince Rupert, is a lively place where you can really get a feel for Shrewsbury in the 21st century rather than the 12th.
  • The Personal — The Golden Cross, very popular with overseas visitors, is a small and very individual hotel above what must be one of the best restaurants of any of the Shrewsbury hotels. The food is exquisite, but what really makes this hotel special is the personal level of service you will receive in this quaint little place, located just opposite the ruins of Old St. Chad’s church in the very heart of the town’s narrow streets. Don’t come here if you like the anonymity of big chain hotels; in fact if that’s what you are looking for, don’t come to any of the hotels in Shrewsbury town centre; they don’t offer cold, impersonal service.

There are of course many more hotels in Shrewsbury, some falling into the above groups, some not.

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